About The RISE

Who We Are:

The RISE Suspension Crew is a Canadian National body suspension team consisting of extensively-trained and experienced suspension practitioners who have respect for body suspension in any and all of it’s potential purposes. Because we also suspend, our passion drives us to selflessly donate our time and experience for the benefit of others looking to explore these ritual practices. We are dedicated to facilitating safe and experienced ritual practices including (but not limited to) hook suspensions, energy pulls, cheek skewering, body piercing and more. We facilitate all types of suspensions & pulls; including vertical, horizontal, inverted, tandem, transitional and modified suspensions.

The Evolution of The RISE:

The RISE Suspension Crew represents the evolution of over a decade selflessly facilitating progressive and safe body suspensions for thousands of suspendees. Our passionate and profound relationship with suspension stems from the many personal suspension experiences we have grown through ourselves.


Many members of The RISE have worked with various other suspension teams internationally, but it’s main roots hail from Modern Body Suspension, a team founded by Russ Foxx in 2004 in Vancouver, BC. Our crew now has chapters branching all across Canada.

SusCons & Seminars:

The RISE hosts suspension conventions, seminars, workshops and rituals; both public & private in all kinds of settings. We travel nationally and internationally making guest appearances and doing performances.

We facilitates all private suspensions and rituals as a non-profit entity, requiring a nominal fee to cover the cost of supplies, rigging and team expenses.

The RISE Suspension Crew:

-Facilitates safe and experienced ritual practices both privately and publicly.

-Facilitates suspensions for the public much like a non-profit entity; operating with a reasonably minimum compensation requirement in order to maintain the sustainability of the team.

-Uses sterile, single-use hooks and implements.

-Maintains sober and clear-headed facilitators at all times.

-Supports open-mindedness and respect for all cultures.

-Strives to break down prejudices pertaining to body suspension and all related practices.