Upcoming Suspension Dates – #2018CanadianSpringModTour

Upcoming Suspension Dates:

Thunder Bay, Ontario – Thursday May 3
Bracebridge, Ontario – Sunday May 6
Ottawa, Ontario – Sunday May 13
St. John’s, Newfoundland – Sunday May 27
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – Friday June 15
Kelowna, British Columbia – Saturday June 30

Email bookings@therisehookdivision.com to sign up!

For Tai

Tatiana and I met in Calgary years ago during one of my guest visits at Human Kanvas Tattoo. We talked suspension, piercing and the body art industry in general. Little did we know that this would lead us into a solid friendship that would last for years to come.

I took on a mentor role for her whenever she needed my help or input. In 2015 she teamed up with me and was an integral part of me achieving my most recent Guinness World Record.

Time passed and she eventually decided that she wanted to move to Vancouver to continue her progression as a piercing artist.

I took Tai into my home to help her get on her feet in July of 2016. We spent a lot of time together that summer. She came to the first Whistler Suspension Camping Retreat with The RISE Suspension Crew and we all had a blast together sharing our experiences and an overall amazing weekend with one another. That was such an amazing mixup of people. I’ll never forget that weekend.

Soon after we returned to Vancouver from the Whistler retreat I helped move her into her own apartment in East Van and connected her with a job piercing at my old stomping ground The FALL Tattooing & Artist’s Gallery. Soon after that she began her journey into cosmetic tattooing and finding her comfortable place in this city. She bounced between a few different studios until she found herself happiness with my friends at West Coast Piercing in Surrey.

Tai was always very positive and wonderful to be around; even when faced with challenges. This really hurts and I’m going to miss her a lot.

I never did get to posting the photos from the retreat that year. I think now is a good time.

She took on a difficult suspension and made it look easy. I’m honoured to have been a part of it.

This is for you, Tai.

West of Hell – Machine Music Video Shooting Complete!

Shooting for the West of Hell – Machine music video is now complete! What a crazy fun weekend!

Big thanks to Jesika & Marc for keeping me in one piece and to Lorde Heathen
& crew for making everything look so insanely badass!

Keep your ears to the ground for WOH’s new album dropping soon!

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Bizzy Mind – “We All Fall” Music Video Appearance

Vancouver rapper Bizzy Mind just dropped his dope new music video for the track “We All Fall” to celebrate the release of his new album: “Consume”. Check out the video to see some badass hook suspension visuals we brought to the table!

Suspension Performers: Kelsi & Jesika

Facilitator: Russ Foxx of The RISE Suspension Crew

“Bizzy Mind – Consume” now available on iTunes and Spotify!

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