About The RISE

We are a Canadian body suspension team created in Vancouver, BC in 2004; headquarters relocated to Southern Ontario in 2021.

The RISE was founded by Russ Foxx; a renowned body suspension practitioner, educator and performer. Russ has been a professional body piercer and studio owner since 2001, originally trained into body suspension in 2002 as a practitioner and performer by the now defunct IWasCured suspension team; one of the world’s first and most accredited suspension teams hailing from Toronto and surrounding areas. Russ remains the acting director of The RISE Suspension Crew.

The RISE hosts safe and experienced suspension experiences in the form of meets, seminars, workshops and rituals; both public & private in all kinds of settings. We travel nationally and internationally making guest appearances and doing performances.

Although our home base has been relocated to Southern Ontario, The RISE will continue to annually host The Whistler Suspension Retreat every summer as well as an additional annual summer event: The Southern Ontario Suspension Retreat. Stay tuned for dates coming for 2022!

The RISE hits the road every spring and fall season; touring across Canada from coast to coast. Suspensions can be booked in a city near you for these trips, so contact us to set up a future suspension experience with us!