The #2022WhistlerSuspensionCampingRetreat – July 8-10 2022 is now open for registrations!

After a necessary pandemic hiatus, we are pleased to announce the return of the annual Whistler Suspension Camping Retreat; hosted by The RISE Suspension Crew July 8-10 2022 in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia!

This event is focused and geared toward facilitating suspensions in nature with respect, energy and intention directed into each individual suspension experience as a transformational, transcending, healing & ceremonial practice in an intimate group setting with like-minded individuals. Whether or not spirituality is your “thing”, we aim to make your experience what you want it to be. This event is a perfect opportunity to have us tailor your overall suspension experience; implementing any and all specific details you bring to the table in order for us to make your suspension experience all it can be. For thousands of years, in many cultures all over the world, suspensions and similar practices have been used for a variety of purposes. It can be used as a powerful healing tool for healing past traumas or managing chronic pain conditions. To inspire personal growth in various ways, with the ability to help increase self confidence, empower or decrease insecurity. It can be a rite of passage used to close a chapter of life or to symbolize a new beginning. It can even simply be a life bucket list checkbox for fun like skydiving or bungee jumping! Let us help you design and choose your own adventure to make your suspension experience all that it can be!

Is there a cost to attend and/or suspend at this event?

The RISE Suspension Crew facilitates suspensions in a non-profit manner; providing trained, experienced, passionate crew members who donate their time, experience and skills to make all suspensions as safe and fulfilling as possible. Please note that all crew members have suspended in the past prior to training, ensuring that all suspendees are under the care of piercers and riggers who have been through their own suspension experiences. As our crew members humbly volunteer their time, The RISE Suspension Crew relies on the donations of suspendees and event attendees in order to remain sustainable, maintain and upkeep equipment and facilitate future events.

Attendees doing hook suspensions are asked to make a $250 donation to cover their suspension equipment/supplies & event costs. Anyone planning to do multiple or more complex suspensions over the weekend may require an increase in donation amount based on what they want to do. Please make note of your plans in your registration email so that everything is properly planned and prepared for you prior to the event.

Attendees not doing hook suspensions are asked to make a monetary donation; amount chosen at their discretion based on what they feel is reasonable and what they can afford.
Communal donations of food, water or camping supplies are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Suspension Sponsorship

If you are deeply needing to suspend for healing purposes but simply cannot afford it, please send an email to with the subject line: Suspension Sponsorship and provide a written explanation of your situation and we will try to make it happen for you.

To Volunteer

If you would like to be a volunteer for the event, please let us know in your email and we will make it happen!

Event details to note

-Early attendance/event site setup begins afternoon Thursday July 7 2022.
-A limited number of registrants will be carefully chosen to ensure a respectful & intimate group setting for all attendees.
-Both first-time and experienced suspendees welcome.
-Radically inclusive (gender, race, sexuality, belief systems, etc.). We uphold a zero tolerance stance on hate speech or disrespect to other attendees at our events.
-Family and pet friendly.
-We will be equipped to rig & facilitate virtually any type of individual & multi-person static/dynamic suspensions; including popular positions, abstract & custom positions, tandem & multi-layer setups, 2 person & 3 person spinning beams, shibari/hook hybrid positions, non-hook shibari positions, etc.
-Camping is involved, so everyone must supply their own camping necessities. Extra communal tents, bedding & camping necessities may be provided upon request for any attendees who are unable to supply or bring their own. If borrowing supplies, please take care of them as per the owner’s requests (ie. no smoking in tents).
-A large propane camping fire pit and multiple propane tanks will be provided & shared for cooking, ambiance and light.
-Attendees must provide their own food and cooking necessities. Shared necessities (pots/pans/utensils) may be provided upon request for those that need them. If using someone else’s items, be sure to thoroughly clean & return them immediately after use.
-This is not a sanctioned camping area, so there is no porta potty on site. There is a private area designated for excreta. Attendees should bring or make their own urine funnels or preferred devices for personal use if preferred.
-Leave no trace. Nature is our host, so the least we can do is show respect & gratitude by cleaning up & packing out all trash, recycling & personal belongings before, during & at the close of the event. Event attendees & organizers alike must make every effort to maintain & leave the event site in a better and cleaner state than we found it in.

To apply, please email with your full legal name (specify if you have a preferred name to use instead), current age, experience level/number of times you’ve suspended, description of what suspension(s) you would like to do at the event as well as any relevant details you would like to have noted or discuss. Please provide details if you have a medical condition, prescribed medication(s) or lifestyle specifics which could affect your suspension or attendance. All registrant information provided is kept 100% confidential & only requested for the purpose of safety.

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