Headquarters Relocated to Southern Ontario

As of March 2021 The RISE Suspension Crew HQ has relocated to Southern Ontario!

Words cannot express the absolute blast we’ve had in Vancouver since our inception in 2004. It’s been our biggest honour to have facilitated literally thousands of safe body suspension experiences for the public (first-timers and experienced suspension enthusiasts alike) as well as putting on countless suspension performances at many local Vancouver venues and conventions.

We have had many members (riggers, piercers or both) come and go from our team roster over the years. The RISE always has and always will operate as a non-profit group, allowing us to offer safe, experienced suspension experiences to the public at the most affordable and attainable cost possible. Due to this aspect of how we function, acting members sometimes lose the ability to volunteer their time as facilitators when life responsibilities get in the way. We fully respect this fact and will forever hold space for past team members to come back into active member status at any time they choose; even if just for one-off guest appearances. All have been an integral part of who we are and have selflessly volunteered their time, skills and experience as a public service allowing us to do what we do. We appreciate youimmensely and wouldn’t be the same without you all!

Moving forward, we are now opening up to new prospective team members in the Southern Ontario region. The first pre-requisite for membership is that in order to be a practitioner one must not only have experienced a suspension themselves in the past, but also hold a passion for suspension in all of it’s facets and forms. They must be driven to facilitate safe, selfless experience for those that we have the honour of suspending. If you are interested in applying for membership, contact us to let us know!

We will continue to annually host The Whistler Suspension Retreat in BC every summer as well as a new annual event: The Southern Ontario Suspension Retreat. Both events run all weekend, involve camping and are fully inclusive and family-friendly. Suspendees must be at least 18 years of age. Dates will be posted in the near future for registration.

We will also continue to offer suspensions and performances from coast to coast in Canada every spring and fall during Canadian tours. Use the same contact link to book your own suspension experience in a location near you for an upcoming tour in 2022.

If you are in Southern Ontario and would like to suspend, we are now offering private suspensions for individuals who meet Covid-19 criteria for safety. Use the contact link to sign up!

-Russ Foxx
Director – The RISE Suspension Crew
Personal email: director@therisehookdivision.com